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Midas XL200 Mixing Console------48 channel Midas Mixing desk 42 mono + 6 stereo / mono channels The XL200 features a state of the art Analogue Devices mic amplifier Which assurés low distortion and excellent amplifier stability, RF rejection and noise Performance. A separate Hi Z line input is incorporated Which is ideal for playback of recorded material. Every input module is fitted with a direct output as standard making multi-track recording a simple task. The sonic performance of the legendary Midas equalizer is maintained including parametric mids with sweepable frequency and switched 24 audio busses and 8 x 8 matrix output8 automute groups, and 8 input channel VCA sub groups; including VCA group mute sunXLR inputs 40 mic, 8 aux bus inject, inject 10 audio group buses, 8 matrix buses, inject, inject 2 bus master, 1 comms, 1 talk mic and 1 only8 aux, 10 audio group, 8 matrix, master 3, 2 and 1 local talk XLR outputsBalanced inserts, line inputs and mic inputs
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